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UCW to charge domestic tuition fees to students from Brazil and the Americas

(por Bradley Fehr – Communications Manager – UCW)


University Canada West (UCW) has announced an unprecedented initiative for the university by creating the Americas Bursary, allowing many international students to access higher education in Canada while paying the same tuition fees as domestic Canadian students

The Americas Bursary is open to students from the 34 countries that are part of South, Central and North America, as well as the Caribbean. Students will be offered the opportunity to study in Vancouver at the same tuition normally reserved for domestic students. The initiative aims to encourage people from these countries to study in Canada, one of the world’s fastest growing and most popular destinations for post-secondary studies.

UCW has developed this bursary to support students from the Americas with a strong interest for learning abroad by making education more financially accessible. As such, the launch of the Americas Bursary marks a pivotal moment for UCW, one of Canada’s fastest growing universities, as it aims to promote and champion international education in the region while maintaining the focus on the benefits for its students.

“For many talented people, the opportunity to study in Canada is often limited by critical factors, including the costs of education,” said UCW President Brock Dykeman.

“At UCW we believe that higher education should be truly accessible to everybody, especially those willing to take on the challenge of studying in another country. We have therefore created The Americas Bursary to make education more affordable without compromising on quality, and to close the distance between South and North America from an educational, cultural and economic perspective.”

One of the countries that will benefit from UCW’s the Americas Bursary is Mexico, the second most populous country in Latin American after Brazil.

The first Americas Bursary will be awarded for the Summer 2019 term and will apply to all degree programs at the university until the Fall 2021 term. For more information on eligibility and entrance requirements, please visit here.